July 1st(Wed.) - August 31st(Mon.) , 2020
Hiroshi Morisaki(Department of Anesthesiology Keio University School of Medicine)


Anesthesiology in Futuristic Society

1June 4th (13:20-)
Futurability of Regenerative Medicine
Sawa Yoshiki (Dept. of Cardiovascular Surgery, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine)
2June 4th (15:50-)
Future of Health Care in Japan from a Global Medical Device Company's Perspective
Huimin Wang (Edwards Lifesciences)
3June 5th (9:30-)
Symposium: Bases of personalized pain treatment by gene analyses
Ikeda Kazutaka (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science) Others
4June 5th (15:10-)
Artificial intelligence technology trends and medical applications
Ueda Naonori (NTT Communication Science Laboratories / RIKEN, Center for Advanced Intelligence Project)
5June 6th (9:20-)
Anesthesiologist's specialty and future vision
Imamura Satoshi (Japan Medical Association / Japanese Medical Specialty Board)
6June 6th (9:30-)
Health system and health care quality in near future predicted by health big data
Fushimi Kiyohide (Tokyo Medical and Dental University Graduate School)

Invited International Lecture

1June 4th (9:00-)
Protective one lung ventilation
Marcelo Gama de Abreu(Dresden University, Germany)
2June 4th (10:25-)
What is the best fluid therapy for the surgical patient? A critical appraisal of the evidence
Birgitte Brandstrup(Holbaek Hospital, part of Copenhagen University Hospitals)
3June 4th (14:35-)
Mechanisms and biomarkers of transition to chronic pain: Translational opportunities.
Apkar Vania Apkarian(Northwestern University)
4June 5th (9:30-)
New Insights in Perioperative Medicine
Tong Joo Gan(Stony Brook School of Medicine)
5June 5th (14:40-)
Ambulatory Anesthesia: The Original ERAS
Beverly Philip(President Elect, American Society of Anesthesiologists / Harvard Medical School)

Interdisciplinary Lecture

1June 4th (10:40-)
Ability required for pilots in the near future
Miyata Masayuki (Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. Flight Safety Management Dept.)
2June 4th (15:35-)
What is umami ?
Ninomiya Kumiko (Umami Information Center)
3June 5th (13:40-)
First Japanese Islanders as seafarers: An experimental project to uncover the voyage 30000 years ago
Kaifu Yousuke (National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo / Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo)